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#just at home! Buy food at Surplus get 50% discount and 30% OVO cashback!

30%_Template Merchant(april 2020).jpg
Want to #at home or anywhere else, you can order food at Surplus which is always 50% off and get  30% cashback for every transaction via OVO! Buy food in the Surplus application while preventing food waste problems in Indonesia!


1. Cashback in the form of OVO Points (1 OVO Points = Rp1) 
2. Cashback will be sent no later than 2x24 hours
3. 30% cashback with a maximum of 10,000 OVO Points
4. The maximum limit for OVO Points received is 10,000/user/promo period with a minimum transaction of IDR 10,000
5. Cashback valid from April 1 - April 16, 2020
6. OVO has the right to cancel the OVO Points that have been given if fraud is found in the implementation of this promotion.

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