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System  Refund Transactions in the Surplus Application


How to do a refund/ refund  in the Surplus app?

  • Cancellations of orders can only be made with a pick-up method by going to the “Active order” screen.

  • Select "cancel order", if the status is still looking for a driver and when the driver has not delivered the order

  • Continue the order cancellation process by pressing "terms and conditions" for submitting a transaction cancellation

  • Users are asked to fill in the "phone number and reason" for submitting a transaction cancellation, so that the Surplus team can confirm it with the relevant customer and merchant. Then press the "send" button

  • Refund requests will be processed within 2x24 hours (working days)

What are the terms and conditions for making a refund in the Surplus application?

  • Funds can be submitted a maximum of 2x24 hours after making a transaction in the Surplus application (if it coincides with a red date / national holiday, it will be processed on the next working day)

  • There is no minimum limit for applying for funds

  • The balance from the application for funds will be returned in the form of a voucher in accordance with the nominal balance of the transaction

  • Whatever the previous payment method, funds will still be submitted in the form of vouchers according to the nominal balance of the transaction

  • The voucher for applying for funds can be reused to make transactions on the Surplus application

  • Surplus reserves the right to cancel the application for funds in the event of fraud

What are the conditions for receiving a refund?  in the Surplus app?

  • Driver could not find address & failed to contact shop/ Surplus Partner

  • Drivers have problems with the motorbike used to pick up or deliver orders

  • Drivers asking customers to cancel orders

  • Surplus Partners cannot complete orders if the order ordered is no longer available, the order given is past the expiration date and the order received does not match the transaction in the Surplus Application

Then, what are the conditions for refusing a refund?  in the Surplus app?

  • Customers use the self-pickup method when processing transactions in the Surplus application

  • Customers can apply for a refund process with a self-pick-up method with an agreement between the customer and the merchant on the food sold is out of stock and a new menu cannot be made  at the time of collection and reported to the Surplus

  • Refunds cannot be accepted by Surplus parties if reporting is more than 1x24 hours after the transaction time

  • Refunds cannot be accepted if they do not include supporting evidence such as Food Pictures, Proof of Transactions, and related matters

  • Customers have agreed to a menu change agreed upon by each other in the transaction

  • The customer made a mistake either intentionally or unintentionally in filling in the food delivery address

  • The customer made a mistake either intentionally or unintentionally in filling in the nominal payment more than what should be paid

  • The customer made a mistake either intentionally or unintentionally forgetting to pick up the order at the time specified by the shop owner

  • The customer made a mistake either intentionally or unintentionally choosing the wrong pick up method.

  • The customer chooses or uses a shipping method outside the Surplus Application

  • The customer intentionally cancels the order without a clear supporting reason

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