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In  in this condition,  everyone would want to take shelter #at home with their families to stay safe. But, for some people, they still have to go out  for the sake of his work... like online motorcycle taxi drivers. Because usually our food is delivered by ojol drivers , now it's our turn to "deliver" the food to them!


Surplus becomes  one of the right apps to share food with ojol drivers! Themed movement  #SurplusFoodforOjol  this is in addition to sharing kindness with ojol drivers who have worked hard out there  also to save food so it doesn't go to waste!

Follow the steps of the #SurplusFoodforOJol movement  here it is :

1. Buy food from the Surplus app which is always 50% off at the end of the day

2. Include information when  check out that you will use an online delivery service to pick up your order

3. Use the app  online service delivery (gosend / GrabExpress)  then select the restaurant where you purchased as the 'Pick Up' point and select the nearest location from the restaurant as the 'Send to' point

4. Provide order code and  the name of the orderer of the current Surplus app  send message  with ojol drivers

5. After the food has been taken, say  that you want to give the food to the  motorcycle taxi drivers

6. Upload the #SurplusFoodforOjol activity to social media and tag the @surplusindonesia account and tag your friends who you invite to do good

Safe! You have done a good deed and encouraged people who have worked hard ! Don't just stop there so that there will be more motorcycle taxi drivers  who helped in the midst of these times!

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