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Our business idea originated from our concern regarding how much food is being wasted every day from any leftovers from parties or unsold food at food vendors. We realize that any overproduced food that is still edible is not supposed to turn into waste, but it could be sold through a platform (application) that could facilitate the process as the main solution to the problem instead. Customers could consume their favorite food with a bargain, and our partners could gain additional incomes and new customers as well. We want to invite all stakeholders to join our mission to save the environment from the “Food Waste” problem!


Our vision is to create an environment without “Food Waste” as our contribution to support The Sustainable Development Goals especially targeting the Goal No. 2 (Zero Hunger), no. 12 ( Responsible Consumption and Production) and no. 13 (Climate Action). We are aware that we need your support to make it come true. Let’s join our movement! Great food should be eaten, not wasted.


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Agung completed his Bachelor Degree in 2017 in Biological science and continued his study at Imperial College London in 2018, majoring in Environmental Technology. Agung has various experience in environmental consultation projects regarding Environmental Impact Assessment & Analysis and other environmental policies,

specifically in waste management & circular economy.

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