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What are the guidelines for using FORUM Surplus ?

Forum is a media feature  simple social in the Surplus app  for a place to share and discuss positively in order to increase awareness in protecting the environment.


The content uploaded on the Forum must be related to the existing categories, including  :

  • Spread the word

     Here is the place  to express an evocative thought or quote     

     motivation  Surplus Heroes

  • About food waste  

     A place to share articles about food waste, also share experiences and    

     tips & tricks in reducing food waste

  • Zero waste lifestyle   

     A place to share articles about zero waste lifestyle, as well as  sharing experiences

     and tips & tricks in implementing a zero waste lifestyle

  • food sharing

     In this category, you can share excess food at home,    

     remaining consumption  from an event, food ingredients that are approaching

     time  expired  but can't be spent all at once, or whatever you want to share

     to other people. Not allowed to sell huh!

  • Non-food sharing

     Have unused items? You better share things

     to others who may need it more. From drugs to  

     books, clothes, equipment for babies, and so on to pet food too



  • Recipes

     Do you have a recipe for reprocessing leftover food? Or recipe   

     for  make almost rotten fruit more delicious to eat? For

     Your favorite recipe is here!  

  • Events

     Share information about community activities, charities, to big events   

     related  sustainability  

  • Q&A ​​​​​

     Ask what you want to know about food waste problems or problems     

     other environments, and also ask if you are still confused about using

     Surplus app!

do not do it

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personal data

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icon 2.png

Doing advertisements or

job promotion 

icon 3.png

Selling or making transactions

icon 5.png

Writing things that smell like SARA, saying rude things, or

regarding sexual

Every activity at the Surplus Forum is always monitored by the Indonesian Surplus team

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