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Get additional income from overstock products!

With Surplus, your business could gain 50% of the revenue from each overstock product sold to cover your production cost and help to prevent it from going to waste.
Does your store frequently end up with many unsold products?
Do you wonder how to manage the overstock products to be sold quickly?
Do you have fruit & vegetable products with imperfect appearances?
Surplus Partner App is the solution! 
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Sell the unsold meals quickly
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Interactive Alarm
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Flexible selling time
Manage your number of active active menus in 1 app
Set your daily reminder to finish the stocks of the day
Sell every overstock products anytime you need it
Benefits of becoming Surplus Partner
Get additional income from overstock products
Reduce waste management cost
Reach new customers
Low sharing-profit fee
Known as an environmental-friendly business
Free promotion in Instagram

Surplus Parner Registration

The registration process is FREE and EASY. We guarantee the security of the data
collected and will not be shared with parties outside of Surplus.

Product categories
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Surplus Partners that have joined the
Zero Food Waste movement

It's your time for your business to  join us